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Ways to spend your winnings

We all have them. Little ideas, dreams, and things we would do if we won the lottery. Most of us would set off on a holiday, get a new car and move house, or pay off our existing mortgage. But what else could we do with our money? A recent survey from a leading online retailer regarding things that people most commonly spend on following a lottery win, came up with results that may come as a surprise to people. The average lottery winner supposedly chooses to spend his or her first million on every day household items such as a new washing machine or even a sofa. You can find out more about the survey by reading the following:
Image attributed to Grant Cochrane

Make the dream come true
Some people purchase lottery tickets in the hope that they will just get lucky. Some do it as they know that a win will solve all their problems. Some dream of starting a business with the money and enjoy the career they have always wanted. 

So what kind of lifestyle change could a lottery win give you? Apart from having money in the bank you can actually start doing the thing you love for a living. 

You can write that novel. Writing takes time and can become obsessive, not something you can do easily when you are also trying to earn a living. With your money stashed away you can scribble away to your heart's content and even get yourself published through a self publishing house. It may not be the same as being a best seller, but it will still be your work in print and it may even find its way into the market place. 

If retail is your thing then open a small shop selling the things that you yourself love to buy, or a coffee shop where people can come and relax. Many lottery winners like to get involved in sport. You could buy a share in a racehorse and let the whole family enjoy a day at the races watching their own animal compete.

Charity begins at home

Charity in fact begins with you. If you feel inclined to donate to your favourite charity then do so. But remember to always tick the Gift Aid box in the donation form as you will then get tax relief for your donation. There are many charities and some are in fact quite wealthy, so don't instantly go to the big name. The smaller charity may well be more in need of help. If you are unsure of what charities are genuine then you can check them out at The Charity Commission. This is always wise practice; all charities have to be registered in order to operate legally.

If you don't even play the lottery then this is probably meaningless to you. But remember that lottery funds, as well as offering money to lucky winners goes back into the society in the form of grants. Local sporting clubs, charities and other organisations benefit from lottery funding so if you do start purchasing tickets, it’s worth bearing in mind that it isn’t all for a selfish cause.

There is an old saying - you have to be in it to win it - and this is doubly true of the lottery. Even if you only gamble once a month then you are at least slightly boosting your chances of you dream coming true. It all depends on luck and you never know, this time it could be you.

Image attributed to Grant Cochrane


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